Monday, January 25, 2010


I may have mentioned that the term ended last week.  I may have mentioned that I have had the most ridiculously stupid amount of late work in the history of the world.  Srsly.

Hi kiddo [CCed to Papa, since Kiddo failed term 1 due to missing work],

Your Comparative Analysis Essay was in the slot for the Macbeth Close
Reading Essay on I moved the Comparative Analysis to the
right assignment slot. You still need to send me your Macbeth Close
Reading Essay to earn credit for English this term.
--Ms. MIKD
Kiddo says that he isn't sure what this assignment is, could you
please send me and him what it is he needs to do. Thanks.

I am also missing Kiddo's Journal, which he should have a
handout for. I also think we discussed both assignments last week.
--Ms. MIKD

Kiddo is wondering what tpcast means?

He doesn't need TPCASTT for the assignments he is missing. There are
two handouts to help him with the paper on the class website.
--Ms. MIKD

Okay thank you, nothing like waiting until the last minute huh.
Following the advice of colleague friends with more sense than I, I emailed the parents of kids missing assignments (the kids too, obviously), rather than calling as I had planned.

I know I'm letting this craziness infect me, but I have got to figure out a better way.  Maybe the new late policy will work.

BTW, this post got away from me.  Apparently that pressure was justa buildin' up and had to be released.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to come up with something sensible to say about today's meetings.  Maybe.

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