Monday, January 4, 2010

The Return

Though getting out of bed was tough today (sub zero temps outside did not help), I did make it to school.  I was proud of myself for only being a couple of minutes late (I know, I know...but I figure reversing 12 days of nocturnal living requires a little leeway).  I felt pretty good until I went up the stairs.  Then I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I made it through today, but will not be at school tomorrow.

On the teaching front, today we started Lit Circles in American Lit.  One of the kids who was in reading recovery last year finished The Old Man and the Sea over break, and he was so proud of himself.  I think a lot of the kids completed reading their books over break, which both surprised me and didn't.  I wasn't sure how much the draw of not having reading homework this week would actually affect their reading over the break.  Of course, there are a few who didn't read and won' was a little disorganized in terms of the kids getting their feet under themselves and work through their roles.  I'm interested to see if the kids will hold each other accountable.

On the speech front, I wound up showing the girls Anna Deveare Smith and Alice Walker.  They both liked what I found, so the next step is getting a script and forming a poetry program.

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