Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long day? Have a tall, cold...blog post.

As you may have guessed, I read a lot of blogs.  I split them up by four categories:
  1. Friends
    • People I knew before meeting them online
      • Friends who live across the States
      • Traveling family members (my snot little cousins insist on growing up and becoming adults)
      • Friends who are serving in the Peace Corps overseas
  2. Fun--Stuff that makes me purely happy to look at; all learning is purely coincidental
    • The Oatmeal has been making the rounds of the teaching blogosphere (yeah, I said it) lately because of his recent posts on Words You Need to Stop Misspelling (I wish I could use this with my classes unedited, but...) and How to Use an Apostrophe
    • LOLcats, LOLdogs, Daily Squee--Don't you judge me! (Name that show!)
    • Pioneer Woman--I think everyone needs someone like Ree Drummond in their life.  She's a Renaissance woman.  I'm lucky to have some in-person models, but Ree is on-demand.
    • Dooce--Definitely, definitely (name that movie!) have a blog crush on Heather Armstrong.  I love her writing style.
    • XKCD--comics about love and computers, and math, and stuff--helps me relate to my hubby.
    • Elements of Style--about design, not Strunk's book
    • AltF--John Michael Cooper and his wife take some of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen.  Looking at their bridal, wedding and engagement shots is kind of a sweet pain for me: they are so gorgeous, and I can't go back 16 months and have them do my wedding photos.
    • C Jane Enjoy It--a woman leading a joyful life and sharing it with the interwebs
    • etc.
  3. Interest--Stuff I can learn from
    • Lifehacker--how to do everything, better--If you decide to add them to your feed, you're going to want the "Top Posts" feed, or they will totally flood your feedreader.
    • Get Rich Slowly--JD and his crew can help your get your books straight and think about what you spend and why.  Also how I learned that my real hourly wage is $13.90 and hour.  Boo.
    • Unclutterer offers ideas on organization of your physical and mental space.  I also need to give a shout-out to Erin's book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week. It's the best of it's genre I've read: sense of humor, reasonable guidelines, easy to read.  Oddly enough, today's post is about what your free time is worth to you.
    • etc.
  4. Teachers
    • Look at My Happy Rainbow!--Dude is a kindergarten teacher, and he's all up in the meanigfulness and cuteness and higher level thinking.
    • Joanne Jacobs worked for Knight Ridder, and now shares and comments on stories about education.
    • It's Not All Flowers and Sausages--Mrs. Mimi has sass in all the right places.
    • The English Teacher's Companion--Jim Burke was my very first teacher crush.  I sometimes wish I had more of the answers he seems to keep on the tip of his brain.  Sometimes I have to save his posts for later because they require deep thinkings.   BTW, have you joined the English Teacher's Companion Ning yet?
    • Epiphany in Baltimore writes about life as an English teacher.  He's got a good mix of real life, inside and outside of school.
    • The Line--Dina hasn't posted tons lately, but when she does, it's good English teaching juice.
    • dy/dan is my first blog crush.  He teaches math, thinks hard about why he's teaching what he's teaching and how he's doing it, and is always looking forward.  Sometimes he pisses me off, too, which is always good.
    • Huff English--I love Dana's blog.  She's a great sharing resource, and she also started up the Understanding by Design Wiki.  You should join.
When I started this list, I was all ready to write about a particular post, but this list seems to have gotten away from me.  Another post, I guess.

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