Thursday, January 7, 2010

On being thankful: making your own luck

Over at Look at My Happy Rainbow, dude is on a roll. Today he wrote about penny luck.
"Living in Manhattan, my grandpa loved walking the streets. He particularly loved finding money on the street. While he often found quarters, dimes, nickels, and even the occasional bill, his collection mainly consisted of pennies.

“My grandfather is ninety-one years old.” I told them.
...“Let’s put the penny up on the board so we can all see it and remember how lucky we are, like your grandpa.”

He came up and gently handed it to me. I took a piece of tape and put it up high so we’d all see it and remember my grandpa and how lucky we are each day.
Today I was looking for things to be thankful for (I'm really struggling throughout the day), and I just kep repeating to myself, "I go pee with the door shut.  I go pee with the door shut.  I go pee with the door shut...."  I sang, "Just keep swimming" to myself in the shower when I got home.

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