Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday, my little friend whose mother seems to care more about his success than he does copped all kinds of attitude with me.  Apparently, he "always asks for help" and I "never help him."  Because really, friends, I'm all about setting kids up for failure.  That's why I've been contacting her moms at least once a week for the past three.  Oh, I know what it is: I make the kids ask me actual questions.  "I don't get it" requires a specific question before I will help; making them think through it before I help makes me an unreasonable biz-nitch.  And of course, there's the ever popular, "we never learned this in the other teacher's class last quarter."  Except, sweetie, that I knoow you learned this in MY class last year, and we've been working with these skills all this quarter.  ROOOAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR.

Slept in this morning, which always feels delicious.

I got up, graded ( is a beautiful thing, friends) the 17 Macbeth Explications I told the kids would be graded yesterday , then rewarded myself with a nap.

I've also been watching the reverse-order Lethal Weapon marathon all day.  Gotta love Mel from back in the day when he kept his anti-Semitism on the inside.  Those guys sure spend a lot of time underwater.

To make sure I didn't get too giddy with the post-grading flush, I found out that a friend of mine who is the only World Language teacher at her semi-rural school in MN just got cut down to half-time. She teaches Spanish and French.  In addition to worrying about my friend and how she is going to make ends meet, I can't help but worry about those kids.  She teaches at a 7-12 school.  Now those kids have only a half-time teacher?

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