Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bright spot

There's been a lot of depressing shit going down lately, and I'm sick.  Rather than talking about it, I'm going to bury it and put on a happy face.  Sounds healthy, right?

We have a student with ASD who is a hoot.  She is very observant in some ways, but a bit off the wall in others.  She frequently starts conversations with people who don't realize she's talking to them.  Yesterday, she leaned over to my colleague during a lull and said, "Did you know there's a geek table at lunch?"  My colleague said that the student shouldn't call people that, to which the student responded, "No, everyone is saying that they're nerds!  I think it's because they wear glasses [gestures to her glasses] and play with calculators [mimes playing Tetris on a calculator]." My colleague told her that it wasn't okay to call people nerds, no matter what other people are saying, and then the young lady responded, "You know, I bet some people think I'm a nerd, because I...[adjusts her glasses] wear glasses.  But I'm not!"