Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teaching Speechers to SLAP

Perhaps you have heard of SLANT:

  • Sit up
  • Lean forward
  • Act like you’re interested
  • Nod
  • Track the teacher
 Someone at school shared it, and I spent some serious time working with the tenth graders at the beginning of the year on being polite, decent human beings.

Today my friendfriend and I came up with an altered acronym specifically for Speech rounds:
  • Sit up
  • Lean forward
  • Act like you're interested
  • Participate
At our last all-team meeting (distressingly poorly attended, BTW) before the season starts, we discussed what participation looks like: laughing when it's funny, making occasional eye contact with the speaker, making mental notes of ideas, not staring off into space and picking your nose, etc.

Also, the importance of positivity (not badmouthing themselves, others, or judges), and celebrating our successes in a manner befitting a graduation ceremony, rather than a kegger.

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