Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Law...& Order?

Who else watched the season/series Finale of Law & Order last night?  (Can you believe they actually canceled it?  I feel like we must be approaching the apocalypse or something.)

Anyway, the episode was called "Rubber Room,"and does, in fact go to those infamous "bad teacher"zoos.  It goes through teachers' nightmares, as well as the nightmares of the parents who entrust their children to those teachers.  We teachers.

The real villain in the story was the system--administrations afraid of being sued, unions standing in the way of justice, and a system that makes teachers choose between their honor and their paycheck.

The actual "villain" is a teacher, a blog-writing teacher no less, who sinks into a dangerous depression after being humiliated in front of a classroom of ninth graders and being falsely accused of child molestation, which of course lands him in a rubber room.

The victims in the tragedy are unclear.  The kids?  The teachers?  The society that has no idea what's going on?

I just see one more example that no one gets the whole story, and people who aren't in the classroom have trouble telling truth from fiction.

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