Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You say goodbye...

I don't even know what to do with myself, lately.  I've had a few buckle-down, get-it-done sessions where I actually finished sets of things.  Other than those, though, I've been twittering about in large loops, finishing little.  I was feeling guilty because I'd had a set of essay tests for a week.  Then I realized I'd had them for TWO weeks.  What a d-bag!

Today I was talking to another teacher about how the PSEO program is such a mixed blessing.  I attended a small private college part-time when I was in high school, and I loved it.  I still got to do all the high-school stuff, and I loved the level of learning at the college level.

However,  it also pulls some of our brightest kids out of our classrooms.  Three of these are graduating this year, and they were bright stars on the speech team.  One of them, in specific, has been one of my babies since she started high school, first in my honors 10 class and then on the team.  She has flourished and achieved more than I ever could have wished for her.  Next year she will enter a selective program at the U of M as a full junior.  They actually had to establish new guidelines, because she is the first student to qualify for said program as a PSEO student.

She has also been one of the bright spots in my week for the past two years.  She gives me all the dish for her grade, asks for my opinions, etc, and we just generally have a warm relationship.  This spring has been tough for her--senior year growth pains with friends she's had forever, boys, etc.
At the banquet last week, she told me I'm her favorite teacher, ever.  I can't think of anything that's made me prouder.

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