Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How many?

Definitely thought it was Monday all day today.  And nearly left my car running in the parking lot.

With sixteen days left of the year, the seniors and juniors have CHECKED. OUT.  Never mind that sixteen days is more than a quarter of the term, and if they fail my class they will not graduate.  Never mind that I ask them about their missing work once a week.  Never mind that there are only eight kids in a class of twenty-eight who have turned in every assignment, which is, oh, wait, REQUIRED TO EARN CREDIT.

Never mind that I got this email today:
"[Child]-You need to speak with this teacher!  You told me you would take care of this last week!  This is completely unacceptable!"  
One must love"reply all," no?

Or this one last week:
"...I have to work nights,so I missed conferences..... I guess I am wondering if effort is considered? [Kiddo] is really anxious every night before and morning of these speeches. She got help for her speech, she got up early and had me iron her new clothes, she had me go over chocolate cookie recipes. As a family we gave suggestions for her bag speech. I want you to know how nervous  she gets for your class. She hates getting up in front of people. I know it's great for her! She just doesn't know that yet! I  Loved speech as a student! I loved to rebuttle anyone! I think you should give [Kiddo] a little more credit when she does do her speeches,she is giving that part her all! She has avxiety attacks before she ocmes in for a speech. It's hard to watch as a parent.She comes iv though. I kvow she has skipped a few days of a speech.I get on her....

[Kiddo] was involved iv gifted and talented summer classes here in [Our Fair City] as a youth. She played [sports], avd she got [X Recognition] of the year at church for being spiritually kivd,good at building and well versed in bible. she has a good family support system. I know my communication isn't great with you,She is 18 and I am on her all the time.Her sisters are doin great at school ! It's a bit of a good thing and hard for [Kiddo]. She isn't quite sure who she is yet.

She was top 3% in math and reading all through k--8th grade. This all changed with age and friends,peer pressure. She is very smart and big hearted. She will do wonderful things out of high school! I just want her to get that diploma !

I have talked with her, she said she has assignnments she will get turned in to you. She said you have a good relationship . I will be fine if she  gets a d iv this class. I know that sounds horrible to a passionate teacher . [Kiddo] is just ready to be done with school and go to work in the family business.... She is a very smart young woman, who is just pulling her weight and lazy at doing her work ! She used to get by with A's on tests and skipping through the pre-work. This was changed to ,no tests unless your homework was done. This is when [Kiddo] started getting bad grades.

I also don't know if your aware she attends night school all year as well to make up for low credits while doing [alternative program] for a year. I let her try that to see if it would help her interest or efforts in school.It didn't.I sent her back to public and it is all she can do to try and get through this year.

She also struggles with [malady]. She is going to be okay as we keep communication open at our house, and have our faith to rely on. I didn't know if you knew or not ,but she has [another issue]. She has a hard time sleeping and then concentrating. She is [receiving care]. I realize she misses school alot . We push and push her in this area. It's really hard for us to see her not use her full potential.

I know she will pull out of this funk once school is out! She is 18, very smart and ready to be done with school. My brother went through same exact thing and is now a multi millionaire avd a pilot,owvs huvdreds of realestate avd is working onan invention...!! I just need her to pass this class!

She has assured me she will finish her work. Will you let me know if it isn't done by this week?

Best, [Kiddo's Papa]
p.s your concern is greatly appreciated!
I know I'm lucky--these kids (for the most part) are not putzes--they're just trying to rollerblade up a hill without trying.  Maybe if I keep pushing, they will skate.  I can do it for fourteen more school days, right?  Twelve for the Seniors.

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