Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Uno

I will admit that I did not start the day as my best self. I was sweating as I ran around chasing 10th graders to and from their orientation (couldn't be held until today because of the construction), sweating as I threw my seventh row into the other six (because I realized in the middle of last night that seven rows would mess up my plans for critical friends) as the newly orientated kids poured into first hour (after admin told us the kids wouldn't come to second hour), sweating as I tried to figure out what I was going to do with myself and the kids, sweating as I said bad words during my prep because my computer and phone were still out and my SMARTBoard was nowhere to be found.

My third hour stared at me. A lot. The first question was, "When is this class over?" As my friend-friend says, I danced harder, with little effect. We were all so hot it was hard to even think.

HOWEVER, my fourth hour was a hoot. I love having them ask me questions on the first day, and we had fun with it. They were a kick in the pants and left me smiling.

AND, the nice guy who tease-said he was setting up my room last week ACTUALLY came and set up my room today! Get my network connection working and I'll be in business!

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