Thursday, March 4, 2010

A bright spot

There's been a lot of depressing shit going down lately, and I'm sick.  Rather than talking about it, I'm going to bury it and put on a happy face.  Sounds healthy, right?

We have a student with ASD who is a hoot.  She is very observant in some ways, but a bit off the wall in others.  She frequently starts conversations with people who don't realize she's talking to them.  Yesterday, she leaned over to my colleague during a lull and said, "Did you know there's a geek table at lunch?"  My colleague said that the student shouldn't call people that, to which the student responded, "No, everyone is saying that they're nerds!  I think it's because they wear glasses [gestures to her glasses] and play with calculators [mimes playing Tetris on a calculator]." My colleague told her that it wasn't okay to call people nerds, no matter what other people are saying, and then the young lady responded, "You know, I bet some people think I'm a nerd, because I...[adjusts her glasses] wear glasses.  But I'm not!"

Whenever I've been making a lot of copies, or I'm explaining why I have classroom sets of things rather than giving kids their very own copy to doodle on and then throw away, I make off-handed comments about having to be careful so I don't get in trouble with the printing lady.  My first year, I did get bawled out for making too many copies by our secretary, and I don't hate trees, so I do my best.  Have I mentioned that we are supposed to send all of our copies to the district center, and the copies return in one to eight days.  Perfect for planning ahead!

Anywho, I was in the media center with my cherubs on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Our media specialist is a fab lady, once an English teacher, who works hard to help teachers and kids alike.  Apparently, one of my more concretely-thinking dolls asked Fab Media Lady if she could copy some pages from a reference book for him. He was worried, however, that there were too many copies there.  FMLady told him it would be okay, but then he said, "I don't want you to get in trouble with the Copy Lady!"  FMLady said it would be okay, but "It's like ten pages!"  Finally, FMLady told him she has an in with the Copy Lady.

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  1. Love the spots of brightness! We need those!!

    (although all I can think of when you use the abbreviation "FML" is something TOTALLY different than Fab Media Specialist) :)