Sunday, October 18, 2009

It happened, and I'm worried.

Remember awhile ago when I started by praising Karl Fisch and ended whining about tech in my district?  I mentioned something about it being easier to purchase a soul than to get a new bulb for one's LCD (or as a friend-colleague calls it, the LSD projector).
On Tuesday, when my 4th hour was studiously working on their American Romanticism essay test, there was a sound like a gunshot.
My SMARTBoard went dark, friends.
I entered the problem in our techy-no-worky-reporting-thingy.
I have nothing but the automatic response that the concern was logged.
When considering said situation, and the fact that all of my curriculum has been transferred to PowerPoints but I don't have a means to use them, the only action that comes to mind is keening and crying, and I just know that's not going to work.
At least not quickly.
And it will probably freak the kids out.

1 comment:

  1. It's going to be okay. Messy, but okay.

    Just rent an LCD projector from the media center (or your department) until you get what you need.

    Crossing fingers for you!