Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Update

It seems that the month of October got away from me completely. I’ve been keeping up with reading my blog feed, but haven’t been blogging myself, which is a little frustrating to me.
October has been a pretty busy month. I think there’s been some sort of event happening every weekend. Even when those things are fun, like meeting with friends, they still take a lot out of me.

School has been pretty good. I’ve been procrastinating on my grading, but still getting things back to kids in a reasonable amount of time. Yesterday was a little tough: I collected research papers from the Regular 10 kids on Wednesday, but tripped and fell in the parking lot (ripped my work pants and my knee), so skipped grading that night for an early bedtime. Thursday night I only finished six after my visit with Erica Stephanie. Problem was, I was collecting two sets of research papers from Honors 10 kids on Friday. This Thursday is the end of the term, so time is of the essence. I managed to finish all the regular papers by the end of the day (maybe not as well as I would like), and a couple of kids stopped by after school to pick them up so they could rewrite over the weekend.

Today I’m going to try for the better part of one class set. Wish me luck.

In January, I’ll be going to LA with my buddy for IB training. I’m excited about learning more and becoming a better teacher, but a little scared about the amount of work being an IB teacher entails. I didn’t get to go on any of the school visits last year, so I’m feeling a little late to the party about knowing what really goes on in IB schools, as opposed to what the official line is.

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