Monday, August 18, 2008

Everywhere I look

I started off noodling about a bit, I will admit it. I've been commenting on edublogs, reading edublogs, looking at wedding photos, reading trash and not so trash (if you haven't read Carl Hiassen, get on it.), but studiously avoiding:
So, what's a girl to do?

Get wicked distracted by the goodness a friend of hers has cooked up. One of the 23 Things is, and then I read Todd Seal's post about noting with Google Reader, quickly followed by another post on! Oh my! Clearly the only answer is to spend too much time puttering with my tags.

Then I read Scott McLeod's post about Moving Forward's wiki page needing a boost. Oh, my goodness. The wikis listed there are so awesome that I've been up all night getting mine more in line with what I want, which I can see more clearly because I've seen some good examples of what is possible (hmm, classroom application to assessment much?).

Excitement afoot.

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